Voltas sold a record-breaking over 2 million AC. Stock Market.

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Voltas, a leading name in air conditioners, has blown away the competition by achieving a historic milestone. The Tata Group company announced on Sunday, April 7th, that it has sold a record-breaking over 2 million AC units in the fiscal year 2023-24 (FY24).

This achievement marks the highest-ever sales of air conditioners by any brand in a single financial year in India. Voltas’ sales figures represent a remarkable 35% volume growth compared to the previous year.

Several factors contributed to Voltas’ success:

  • Consistent Demand: There was a steady demand for cooling products throughout FY24.
  • Strong Distribution Network: The company boasts a robust offline and online distribution network, ensuring easy access for customers.
  • Product Innovation: Voltas’ focus on introducing innovative new AC models likely attracted a wider customer base.

Financial Analysts Bullish on Voltas: This sales achievement has caught the eye of financial experts. Brokerage firm HSBC maintains a “buy” rating on Voltas stock, anticipating a significant rise in profitability for the company’s unitary cooling products (UCP) division.

Voltas Dominates AC Market: Voltas claims the title of “undisputed market leader” in room air conditioners, solidifying its number one position in the industry. Notably, the company even witnessed a 72% surge in AC sales during the March quarter (Q4 FY24), a time when sales typically dip due to cooler weather.

With the Indian residential AC market projected to grow from 10 million units in FY24 to 11.5 million units this year, Voltas is well-positioned to maintain its dominance in the cooling industry.

Pradeep Bakshi, Managing Director & CEO of Voltas Limited, shared his insights on the company’s success. In a statement, Mr. Bakshi highlighted several key factors that contributed to Voltas’ dominance in the Indian AC market.

  • Extensive Presence & Emerging Channels: He emphasized the importance of Voltas’ widespread reach and focus on adapting to new retail channels. This ensures the brand is accessible to a broader range of consumers.
  • Robust Distribution Network: A well-established distribution network, both offline and online, plays a crucial role in making Voltas products readily available to customers.
  • Strong Brand Equity: Voltas’ reputation for quality and reliability has undoubtedly fostered customer trust and brand loyalty.
  • Attractive Consumer Offers: By providing compelling deals and promotions, Voltas makes its AC units even more appealing to price-conscious buyers.
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Expressing Gratitude: Mr. Bakshi concluded by acknowledging the significant role of Voltas’ business partners and customers. Their unwavering support, he stressed, has been instrumental in solidifying the company’s position as the undisputed leader in the Indian room air conditioner market.

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