Kewal Kiran Clothing (KKC) Stock – Is KKCL a good stock to buy?

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Kewal Kiran Clothing Limited is one of India’s few large branded apparel manufacturers. In this article, we will see how the KKCL Share Price is performing in the Indian Stock Market.

About Kewal Kiran Clothing Limited (KKCL).

Kewal Kiran Clothing Limited is integrated in 1981 and its headquarter is located in Mumbai. Kewal Kiran Clothing Limited designs, manufactures, and markets branded jeans, and a wide range of apparel and lifestyle products for men and women.

Kewal Kiran Clothing Limited (KKCL) Top Brands.

Kewal Kiran Clothing Limited top brands and products are listed below, we have seen these top brand products stores in many Shopping malls.

1) Killer

KKCL Share Price

2) K-Lounge

KKCL Share Price

3) Lawman/Lawman Pg3

KKCL Share Price

3) Integriti

KKCL Share Price

4) Easies

KKCL Share Price

KKCL Stock Price Review.

Kewal Kiran Clothing Limited has given a consistently profitable business and given good quarterly results. The KKCL stock on a price chart has shown good strength in the company.

KKCL stock price movement is most of the time seen as bullish on the price chart which includes some ups and downs. The KKCL stock has given a very healthy dividend payout to its investors and consistently maintained the dividend every year, at the end of this post, we will see the KKCL dividend history.

At the end of 2021, the KKCL stock price was between Rs. 1200 to Rs 1300, here the KKCL stock has declared the Bonus with a ratio of 4:1 which was very beneficial for the huge quantity holders as they received 4 additional shares against the 1 share. However, with this bonus, the stock price was split to around Rs 280.

After the Bonus and split, the KKCL stock price kept moving up. The KKCL stock price is looking strong with Fundamentally as well as technically also, at the time of writing this post the KKCL Share price is at Rs. 549.65 and looking bullish on the price chart.

KKCL Stock Price With Technicals.

We will apply some technical indicators to understand the stock movements, growth, and good points for entry levels.

KKCL Stock Price With 200 Moving Average.

KKCL Share Price

The above is the KKCL stock price chart just after the last Bonus split. Here, we can see the KKCL stock price has shown a very decent movement even during the heavy volume in the market. The stock price looks to follow the 200 Moving Average level as the stock price is bouncing from this same level.

KKCL Stock Price With Trend Line.

KKCL stock price with a trend line is showing the price is keep moving upside with higher high formation. However, there are downsides seen but as per the 1-day candle chart the KKCL stock price has taken the Trend line support and stock price bounced from it. Trend line level can be one of the good points to take entry into the stock.

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KKCL Stock Price With Support & Resistance.

According to the Support and Resistance, the KKCL Stock price looks under the overbought zone at this moment as the resistance level is very close. At this movement, it will be good to monitor the KKCL stock and see if the somehow price comes down so that fresh entry can take at the support level.

If the KKCL price gives a breakout to the resistance level then also fresh entry can take immediately but with a minor quantity as after the breakout to resistance, it is important to see if the price comes down at the same resistance level to retest and if stock price moving up from the same level then more quantity can add. Consider stock in an overbought zone as per Support and Resistance, the stop loss is a must needed and it can be the previous support level.

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KKCL Stock Price with Fundamental.

As per the screener, we will see some key points in Fundamental, below are the same.

KKCL Share Quarterly Results.

The below quarterly result figures are in Crores.

Mar 2020Jun 2020Sep 2020Dec 2020Mar 2021Jun 2021Sep 2021Dec 2021Mar 2022Jun 2022Sep 2022Dec 2022Mar 2023
Sales +12776711811192175171170155226199199
Expenses +105235610510184143144137125176166160
Operating Profit21-16111310832283229503439

KKCL Share Profit & Loss Standalone.

Below are the Profit & Loss Standalone figures in Crores.

Mar 2012Mar 2013Mar 2014Mar 2015Mar 2016Mar 2017Mar 2018Mar 2019Mar 2020Mar 2021Mar 2022Mar 2023
Sales +294294363398444466460503530303608779
Expenses +221220270301340368362391435284508628
Operating Profit7374939710499981129519100152

KKCL Share Balance Sheet.

Below are the Balance Sheet Standalone figures in Crores.

Mar 2012Mar 2013Mar 2014Mar 2015Mar 2016Mar 2017Mar 2018Mar 2019Mar 2020Mar 2021Mar 2022Mar 2023
Share Capital +121212121212121212126262
Borrowings +151412112941489391508266

KKCL Share Dividends History.

KKCL stock has given consistent dividends, from 2006 to till now, KKCL has declared a total of 55 dividends. At the time of writing this article, the KKCL stock dividend yield is 2.03 %. Below is the dividend history of KKCL stock till today 5th July 2023.

Ex-DateDividend AmountDividend TypeRecord DateInstrument Type
May 11, 20232.00INTERIMMay 11, 2023Equity Share
Nov. 4, 20223.00INTERIMNov. 7, 2022Equity Share
May 20, 20225.00INTERIMMay 23, 2022Equity Share
Feb. 7, 20224.00INTERIMFeb. 8, 2022Equity Share
Nov. 11, 202110.00INTERIMNov. 12, 2021Equity Share
Feb. 3, 20218.00INTERIMFeb. 4, 2021Equity Share
Nov. 3, 202015.00INTERIMNov. 4, 2020Equity Share
Sept. 7, 20201.00FINALEquity Share
June 4, 20206.00INTERIMJune 5, 2020Equity Share
Feb. 6, 202015.00INTERIMFeb. 7, 2020Equity Share
Nov. 4, 201910.00INTERIMNov. 5, 2019Equity Share
Sept. 9, 20192.00FINALEquity Share
July 1, 201911.00INTERIMJuly 2, 2019Equity Share
March 18, 20195.00INTERIMMarch 19, 2019Equity Share
Feb. 1, 201910.00INTERIMFeb. 4, 2019Equity Share
Nov. 5, 201810.00INTERIMNov. 6, 2018Equity Share
Aug. 30, 20181.50FINALEquity Share
July 31, 20187.00INTERIMAug. 1, 2018Equity Share
March 20, 20185.00INTERIMMarch 21, 2018Equity Share
Jan. 30, 20189.50INTERIMJan. 31, 2018Equity Share
Oct. 26, 201710.00INTERIMOct. 27, 2017Equity Share
Aug. 30, 20171.50FINALEquity Share
May 5, 20177.00INTERIMMay 8, 2017Equity Share
Feb. 7, 20178.50INTERIMFeb. 8, 2017Equity Share
Nov. 8, 20169.00INTERIMNov. 9, 2016Equity Share
Aug. 30, 20161.50FINALEquity Share
March 17, 20167.00INTERIMMarch 19, 2016Equity Share
Feb. 16, 20168.00INTERIMFeb. 17, 2016Equity Share
Nov. 19, 20158.50INTERIMNov. 20, 2015Equity Share
Aug. 20, 20151.50FINALEquity Share
June 25, 201535.00INTERIMJune 26, 2015Equity Share
May 25, 20153.00INTERIMMay 26, 2015Equity Share
Feb. 10, 20155.00INTERIMFeb. 11, 2015Equity Share
Oct. 30, 20147.50INTERIMOct. 31, 2014Equity Share
Sept. 25, 20148.00INTERIMSept. 27, 2014Equity Share
Aug. 19, 20141.50FINALEquity Share
May 20, 20145.00INTERIMMay 21, 2014Equity Share
Feb. 4, 20147.00INTERIMFeb. 5, 2014Equity Share
Oct. 24, 20137.50INTERIMOct. 25, 2013Equity Share
Aug. 13, 20131.00FINALEquity Share
May 21, 20133.00INTERIMMay 22, 2013Equity Share
Feb. 25, 20136.50INTERIMFeb. 26, 2013Equity Share
Nov. 22, 20127.00INTERIMNov. 23, 2012Equity Share
July 25, 20124.00FINALEquity Share
March 15, 20126.00INTERIMMarch 16, 2012Equity Share
Nov. 3, 20117.00INTERIMNov. 4, 2011Equity Share
Aug. 18, 20114.00FINALEquity Share
April 13, 20116.00INTERIMApril 16, 2011Equity Share
Nov. 8, 20106.50INTERIMNov. 9, 2010Equity Share
July 21, 20106.00FINALEquity Share
July 17, 20093.00FINALEquity Share
July 18, 20082.00FINALEquity Share
Nov. 5, 20072.00INTERIMNov. 6, 2007Equity Share
July 23, 20072.50FINALEquity Share
Aug. 30, 20061.50FINALEquity Share


We have seen KKCL stock with some different technical indicators and also see some fundamental, overall the KKCL stock price looks to have good strength. As per the KKCL price on the chart, it has shown a good indication of profitability & efficiency. KKCL stock can be one of the good choices in a portfolio for the long term.

Frequently Asked Questions about KKCL Share Price.

  1. What is the PE ratio of KKCL share price?

    As on 5th July 2023, the PE ratio of KKCL share is 28.4.

  2. What is the total market capital of KKCL share ?

    As on 5th July 2023, the total market capital of KKCL is ₹ 3,383/- crore.

  3. What is the 52-week High of KKCL Share?

    As on 5th July 2023, the KKCL Share 52-week high is Rs. 592.00.

  4. What is the 52-week Low of KKCL Share?

    As on 5th July 2023, the KKCL Share 52-week low is Rs. 245.60.

  5. What is the Dividend Yield of KKCL Share?

    As on 5th July 2023, the KKCL Share Dividend Yield is 2.01 %.

  6. What is the ROCE of KKCL Share?

    As on 5th July 2023, the ROCE of KKCL Share is 27.9 %

  7. What is the ROE of KKCL Share?

    As on 5th July 2023, the ROE of KKCL Share is 23.3 %

  8. Is KKCL a good stock to buy?

    As per the technical and Fundamental, it looks like there is a high potential in the KKCL stock price. KKCL stock can be one of the good choices for the portfolio for the long term, and also best for a compounding point of view. However, please do your own research or consult with your fund advisor before any investment.

  9. How to Buy KKCL Share?

    KKCL Share is available on BSE and NSE, you can buy KKCL share from your Broker Demat Account. If you do not have Demat Account, you can easily create one with Zerodha or Upstox.

Disclaimer: The information and mentioned stocks in this post is just an author’s view and is just for entertainment, education, and information purpose and it does not indicate any kind of investment. Please perform your own research and take advice from your fund advisor.

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