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Alphalogic Industries IPO 

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What is Alphalogic Industries IPO?

Alphalogic Industries IPO is an SME IPO.

Alphalogic Industries Limited is offering its shares to the public through the Initial Public Offering (IPO).


About Alphalogic Industries Limited

Alphalogic Industries Limited was founded in 2020 by experienced Storage System specialists.



About Alphalogic Industries Limited

Alphalogic Industries Limited creates, manufactures, provides, and installs storage systems/solutions for the automotive sector, libraries, food industries, logistics companies, engineering firms, pharmaceutical organisations, educational institutes, and IT firms, among others.


Alphalogic Industries Limited Customer List.


Alphalogic Industries Limited Products.


– Cantilever Racking – Mezzanine Floor – Cage Pallet – Flat Pallet – Slotted Angle Mezzanine – Column Based Mezzanine – Lockers – Metal Pallets


Alphalogic Industries Limited Products.


– Mobile Compactor System – Selective Racking System – Library storage and Display racks. – Double Deep Pallet Racking – Live Pallet Racking – Slotted Angle Shelving – Long Span Shelving – Multi Tier Shelving

Purpose Of Alphalogic Industries IPO Issue.


Alphalogic Industries Limited intends to use the IPO issue’s net funds to finance the below things.

Meet Issue Expenses, General Corporate Objectives, and Working Capital Requirements.

Alphalogic Industries IPO Details.


IOpen Jul 3, 2023 & Close  to Jul 6, 2023

Price ₹96 per share.

Lot Size1200 Shares

Alphalogic Industries IPO Details.


Listing At - BSE SME

Allotment - 1 July 2023

Listing Date - 14 July 2023

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